Ben Graham is an author, music journalist, poet, cultural historian and performer. His books include A Gathering of Promises: The Battle for Texas’s Psychedelic Music, from the 13th Floor Elevators to the Black Angels and Beyond (Zero Books, 2015), an account of the rise of Texan psychedelic rock in the 1960s that was launched at the Levitation Festival in Austin in May 2015, where the legendary 13th Floor Elevators played a one-off 50th anniversary reunion show. The book received acclaim from Uncut, Mojo, The Wire, Record Collector and Caught By The River among other publications, with excerpts appearing on the Quietus website, in Shindig magazine and in Optical Sounds fanzine.

In 2017 Bleeding Cheek Press began publishing Ben’s Discordian Science Fiction novel Amorphous Albion in the form of 5 connected novellas, each in a limted edition of 23 copies. A multi-media live adaptation of the first book, Amorphous Albion: A Warp in Progress, was performed live at the 14-Hour Super Weird Happening in Liverpool on April 1, 2017, featuring the Hove Space Arkestra and visuals by Shardcore.

Amorphous Albion was published in full by Bleeding Cheek Press on January 23, 2018, followed by Scatological Alchemy: A Gnostic Biography Of The Butthole Surfers (Eleusinian Press) in March. In August 2020 Bleeding Cheek Press publishes Pink Floyd Are Fogbound In Paris: The Story of the 1970 Krumlin Festival. 

Ben Graham writes regularly for the Quietus and Shindig, and previously wrote for the Stool Pigeon music paper and was a contributing regional editor for The Fly magazine. Via his own Bleeding Cheek Press he has published two autobiographical novels, Nowhere to Go (2010) and We Are The Bad Rabbits And We Shall Overcome (2011). In the late nineties his first short story was featured in the notorious ‘chemical generation’ anthology Disco Biscuits, where he was the only previously unpublished author to feature alongside the likes of Irvine Welsh, Martin Millar, Alex Garland, Alan Warner, etc.

Around the same time Ben began writing and performing poetry, having previously written and sung for local rock bands in his native West Yorkshire. On moving south to Brighton he began publishing his work in DIY pamphlet form, staying true to his roots as a schoolboy fanzine editor. He was a regular reader at popular London literary nights like the Book Club Boutique, Beat and Thisisnotabar, and co-hosted the Brighton poetry-art-music salon Everybody’s Got To Be Somewhere. Ben is currently the co-host (with Verity Spott) of Horseplay, a monthly poetry & performance night at the Black Dove in Brighton. He is also a director of Notwork 23, the international Discordian co-operative that put on Festival 23 in 2016 and continues to promote events and counter-cultural chaos around the country.

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