A Convent Girl Prays For Her Real Education To Begin

Christ, let me fuck them

One by one

The long boys

From the Grammar School

Their delicate cocks

Like snowdrops in the spring

Their breaking male aroma


Urgent and confused

From beneath their pressed blazers

And figure hugging

Farah slacks

And then let me be done with schoolboys

Then let me fuck a punk rock boy

In some dark squat

Both of us stoned

And Merrydowndrunk

His hard body pressing me

Into the bursting mattress on the floor

His pierced penis charging in

And jabbing like a needle in a vein

Till I am just

Another stain

And then let me be done with punk boys

And let me fuck a married man

On the back seat of his Mondeo

Let him come inside me


For he is old and trapped

And I am young and free

And then let me be done with married men

And I will fuck with firemen by the score

With bells and sirens clanging

Let them wear their uniforms

And firmly handle me

And let me ride atop

Their hard uncomplicated shafts

And I’ll cry out with wanton joy

And then let me be done with firemen, cops and uniforms

Once and for all

And I will fuck a sad-eyed poet

Who’ll recite breathless verses in my honour

Even as I run my lips

Across his pale and haunted body

And let his soft uncalloused hands

Caress my breasts

And let him write a thousand lines

Upon my memory

When I am gone

For by then I’ll be done with poets

Let me fuck a city trader

Who will pay for holidays

In Barbados and Portugal

And let there be cocaine

And swimming pools

Beneath a David Hockney sky

And my bikini line will be


And he will lose a million

To be with me

That day

And then I’ll leave him anyway

For I’ll be done with city boys

And then let me fuck a priest

An old man in a purple cassock

Stinking of piety and self-denial

Let him take me on his altar

Unable to control his need

And let him then renounce his vows

His God, his Christ

All for my perfect tender cunt

And then let me be done with fucking priests

And then

And then let me lie down alone

My fingers penetrate the space

That no man knows

As well as I

And let me guide myself to pleasures

Never before reached as I

Remember all my conquests

All the men who wanted


This flesh

And let this body finally be mine

And let me then be done with fucking

Let me then be done

(from Hard and Holy, (c)2009)


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