Eros Unbound

Your beauty is boring

Your legs go on and on

You fill me with such dull

Predictable desire

Your bounteous breasts sit pert and proud

Impertinently they demand

My full attention

Yet each one is quite the same

As its companion

Feigning interest I

Fondle a nipple while

My eyes meander aimlessly

Across your naked body

Seeking in vain an interesting flaw

I run my tired tongue between

Your tedious thighs

And taste the bland vanilla flavours

Of your neatly trimmed


Your pubic lawn is so suburban

Your stomach flat as Norfolk

You open up obligingly

I slip inside

Your warm wet orifice

Like stepping in

A tepid bath

You moan discreetly

As we mate

In 4/4 time

Until at the appointed hour

I send my sluggish sperm upon

Their brief and pointless journey-

Afterwards I stroke your skin

Soft and smooth as any

Supermarket peach

Such tender perfection!

Will it never end?


(from Hard and Holy, (c) 2009).


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