Mythic Love Poem

Your skin is like motion.

Your hair is like Birmingham.

Your eyes are like some things which I think are similar to eyes but which are not eyes.

I love you.

Your lips are like incest.

Your teeth are like teeth.

Your nose persists, febrile equations, cellular harmonies seen along the curvature of space as a cephalopod gasping, details unknown;

Your cheek


Your rapid deterioration into charming dust

Still punctures me with globular wet disturbance

I charm birds for you.

I combine mythic food groups

Comb the vitamins from bearded centaurs’ hooves

I sink some piquant liquid drawn from Heaven’s glassblown artifice and bellow:

God I love you

Hold me like a helicopter

Let me rage inside your tongue

Your dogs are wide

Your Christmases are peaking

Let me lamp

And crucify your mineshaft

Lessons hunted

Burdens folded

Capering like basilisks


Does anyone believe in knees like we?

(From Brighton Vortex, (c) 2015).


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