The Jangle Jangle Man

In the corridors of power

In the doorways of the night

In the closets of the famous

In the bathrooms of the right

In the mortuaries of childhood

In the bedrooms of the free

You’ll find the jangle-jangle man

His pocket full of keys

No single door is locked to him

From Broadmoor to Saint James

From Manchester to Maida Vale

He plays his secret games

The Prince and the Prime Minister

Both greet him with a smile

They love this jangle-jangle man

Such honesty and style

He fixes things for everyone

He might fix it for you

He’s something of a special agent

Old oaths to renew

He walks in daylight never fearing

Censure or redress

Here comes the jangle-jangle man

Don’t bother to undress

And no-one, not the Queen of Hearts

The Duchess cold and dead

The disgraced Leader of the Gang

The child laid in his bed

The wolf of the West Riding hood

The snatcher of our cream

Would stop the jangle-jangle man

From stifling their screams

Here comes the jangle-jangle man

He’s riding on the train

He’s running in the marathon

He’s passing notes again

The last man in the defiled church

Where innocence took flight

The smiling jangle-jangle man

Locks up

Turns out the light

(c) 2014.


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