We Are The Bad Rabbits, And We Shall Overcome

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We Are The Bad Rabbits, And We Shall Overcome is my second novel, written in 1998 and revised sporadically over the following decade. A whopping 398-page doorstop of a tome (over 110,000 words) it’s set in my native Halifax / Hebden Bridge / Sowerby Bridge region of West Yorkshire over the summer of 1990. Essentially it’s my whole teenage mythology condensed and extrapolated, a psycho-spiritual comedy of sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, with chips and gravy, twice.

Once again, the central character and narrator is my unreliable alter-ego Vic Hanson, though Bad Rabbits… takes place seven years earlier than Nowhere to Go. Vic has just finished his first year at a London Polytechnic, and has returned to the villages, valleys and hills of his growing up to catch up with what’s happening among his old friends. Chief among these is Arthur Meek, the frail, one-eyed, eccentric working-class singer in local punk-psychedelic-goth band The Bad Rabbits. Together with a large cast of other teenage rock n’ roll misfits they endeavour to make the most of the summer, through music, beer, dope and LSD; festivals and parties, hitch-hiking and hanging around. Journeys of self-discovery, self-deception and self-destruction intertwine. It’s available direct from me, for £17 including postage, or from the ‘Blurb bookstore’ link in the blogroll below.

“Great acid trips!” -Jenny Fabian, author of Groupie.


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